Sunday, August 7, 2011

Greazefest 2011 - Sunday

After opting out of wearing a frock (chaffing issues) I settled on a tea-timer 3/4 capri combo with ballet flats. All about the comfort. I had checked the BOM & saw that there was no rain on the radar so I found my parasol in the back of the cupboard & coated myself in factor 40 sunscreen.

We arrived around 11am. We did a quick stroll around the outer perimeter of cars & checked out some of the stalls. I'm not a fan of all the hair-bow, betty boop, polka dot Kustom Kulture stuff so there wasn't much of interest to me in the stalls. I did stop at Bernie Cowpunkabilly though & drooled over his AWESOME stock of vintage & repro western wear. Just gorgeous.
We also stopped at Kitty's Vintage Kitsch stand. She had incredible lucite handbags, cute ornaments & well... I could have just bought everything in her stall. I will definately we going to see her shop at Mt Tamborine as soon as possible.
As we wandered back toward the shade we stumbled across two of my favourite vintage muses. The adorable Mz Lisa from Atomic-Martini-Vintage and Mz Karie from The-Click-Clack-Lounge.
These may be two of my favourite people in the universe. Not only are they stylish within an inch of their lives but they are also funny as a fit and boy do they know how to party! I wanted to stay with them & partake in a few hundred UDLs of GTs but alas my duties called.

After about an hour of wandering outside I was starting to feel very hot & thirsty for a cool ale so we headed inside to the coolness of the indoor stage area.  As per last night, the drinking, chatting began with only slightly less groping. I got to see my friend Mel with my beautiful little girl Malena which was awesome.

The first band we got to see was Pat Capocci. He was fantastic & really high energy rockabilly. He was a definate hit with the dancers too.
It was then time for TBF & I to put on our Merch Wench hats for The Rechords. Mr Tyron's new band.

I may be biased but I reckon they were fan-friggin-tastic. I just love their harmonies & their hillbilly, western Swing sound. TBF & I enjoyed merching for them because we were out of the sun away from the crowds but in a prime stage viewing area! Score!

It was also great to catch up with the my fellow blogger in crime the gorgeous Sheri Bomb. I just LOVE LOVE reading her blog page & all of her hi-jinx.
She's really making a name for herself as an awesome writer/promoter. I was super impressed with her business card too.
I have named us Queens of the Blog Age. :)

After The Rechords, Rusty Pinto came on & gave another high energy fantastic set.
By this time it was nearly 5 o'clock & we were frankly dead on our feet. The two Fourex Golds were like a sleeping tablet. I STILL didn't get to have a dance OR see the car show.
THANK GOD I had put on my slow cooker with a yummo lamb & barley casserole so we didn't have to worry about cooking dinner!
We lapsed happily into a coma dreaming of vintage caravans, tattoos & strange stuffed weasel fox things.



  1. hehe Queens of the Blog Age we are Mz Vicki! Glad you liked my card, I think it's good for a giggle ;) You looked positively stunning on Sunday although you look like that everytime I see you so I'll just stay quietly jealous ;) What an amazing GreazeFest...I'm sad it's all over again for another year :( xx

  2. Ooh thanks for the mention, I'd already forgotten about that photo of us! Your photos with Chrissy are too funny!

  3. Hi I've nicked you photo of the 2 of us and linked back to you, hope thats ok?

  4. Great photo's and I enjoyed reading of your adventures !