Saturday, August 6, 2011

Greazefest 2011 - Saturday night.

Another awesome Greazefest done. I'm been hitting the Greazefest for too many years to count and am amazed at how big it has gotten. I remember when it was at the Fishbowl in Redcliffe & there was about 20 cars and 300 people. Now it's THOUSANDS of people & HUNDREDS of cars!
After spending the day on Saturday ric-racking my skirt to wear TBF & I trundled off to the Rocklea Showgrounds for some Rockabilly tunes and good times.

Luckily as soon as we entered we found Brenton & Katrina & scored a good pozzy. As well as being super gorgeous these two are amazingly funny & well, just plain old nice. My sides were aching from their tales of the 'interesting' things that one of their dachshund dogs gets up to.
Oh the visuals!
TBF kept them company while I floozied it up with all the grouse people I haven't seen in forever.
I got to meet some new people as well when a beau-ti-ful young lady called Chelsea joined us. Again stunning and super funny. What I first noticed was her funky hair piece which had a mouse head on it!
It is from How Meow Jewellery.  
Chelsea had bought along two dates. Her boyfriend and Mr Foxy-Loxy.
Mr Foxy-Loxy was a bit hit with everybody and was a very handsome devil.

I also got to meet a lovely lass (who I can't remember her name) My friend Liz told me that I look just like her & we could be sisters!  We both have big blue eyes & blonde hair so I guess we look a bit alike.

In amongst the chatting, laughing, drinking & groping we did get to hear some great music. I really loved Scotty Baker's set. Handsome lovely friendly fella who is also awesome on the guitar & singing.

The band after Scotty (I didn't catch their name) I didn't really like. They weren't rockabilly and were more pub rock. So I tuned out while they were on & focused on more drinking & groping.
I also just liked sitting down & crowed watching. There were some absolutely AMAZING vintage frocks on display not to mention alot of guys wearing my favourite brand of men's shirt - Sun Surf.
Last up was James Intveld. James is more of a country sound than rockabilly which I don't mind at all.
I saw him play about 8 years ago in a little pub in Austin Tx. He was great then & is still good now.
His is also a mega spunk. DJ Ray grabbed me for my only dance of the night. We lindy-hopped which made me super happy BUT I hadn't done the swirl test on my skirt & on my first spin it twirled up around my ears almost flashing the crowd with my highly unattractive knee-length gut-sucker-inerer undies. Oh the horror!

At around midnight, TBF & I agreed it was time to hit the road for the hour long journey back to The Cliff.
It was a great night with fantasic people. 

I'm very fortunate that I have such cool lovely and down-right funny friends.

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