Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's not Sweat. It's my Body Crying.

Yesterday I had my first session with Marc the PT. If they say people look like their dog pets then Marc owns a greyhound. He is thin & sleek with about 1% of fat on his body. He competes regularly in marathons. He is also an ex-copper. In his favour he has a dry wicked sense of humour so I immediately forgave him when he told me what he has in store for me. I was only supposed to have a half an hour assessment session but he declared that his next session had cancelled so he had heaps of time to spend with me.
One & a half hours! He has written me out a plan that he wants me to follow, including weights.
I told him that I am doing Weight Watchers & he was happy about that but I have to keep a food diary for the next week to show to him incase it needs some tweaking.
This is my programme:-
MON - Aqua Mix class
TUES - PT session
SAT - Day off
When I explained that I had been doing the Couch to C25 thingy he asked what my walking & jogging speeds were. Ummmmm 4.5 & 6.
"Yeah. Not anymore Vickster. Now your walking speed will be 6 & your jogging speed 9!"
He made me do 5 minutes of walk/jog at these speeds. The 9 was scary! I almost went flying off the treadmill!
He was very very nice & funny but he warned me that he WILL be pushing my limits in our training sessions. He explained that whilst it was good that I was coming to the gym & doing my namby-pamby strolling on the treadmill at 4.5 it was simply not intense enough. 
He wants me to enter myself in lots of sporting events like the Jetty to Jetty so I have a specific date & fitness goal to work toward. I said that I was happy to walk the 5km J2J. "Pfft!" he snorted "You will be running it! & next year you will be running the 20km leg!". I had to grab the chest press machine for support as my legs turned to jelly at the thought.
"That's your problem Vicks. You don't have any faith in yourself. You have to start thinking that you CAN absolutely do it! I am going to help you."
He also sent me a text message this morning asking me how I'm feeling. I'm feeling quite motivated... and a bit sore in the quads.
Last night (on direction of Marc) I took the infamous green asian goal weight dress out of the cupboard & hung it where I can see it as a reminder why I am torturing myself.
One day my lovely I WILL wear you again.


  1. Wow -- that sounds intense, Vicki! Tonight I was spring cleaning the closets out and actually grabbed my green Asian dress out, did a little sigh and put it in the "storage room" pile. Maybe I should hang it in front of my treadmill? Good luck with the training and exercise program. I can't wait to see the pictures of you crossing that 20km finish line!

  2. Well done!! I am doing WW too, and it is working, but exercise-wise i am nor prepared to do anything that makes me sweat excessively, puff, or makes my boobs bounce (so i go for huge long brisk walks). I admire you for torturing yourself like that! My goal clothes are my flimsy little Alannah Hill skirt & top which i once wore. I think a goal outfit is an excellent strategy. (Plus a series of semi-goal outfits along the way, that keeps me motivated). Oh and a pile of too-big-now fat clothes helps too.