Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip to Coffs

On the weekend The Big Fella & I hit the road with his Mum & Dad for a road trip down to Coffs Harbour to pick up a truck. I had only been as far south as Bryron Bay so I was excited. I DO love a road trip. Particulary to places I've never seen. This unfortunately was a very fleeting visit. Next time I would love to take a full day to drive there and stop along the way. It was so gut-wrenching to pass through all these gorgeous little towns & not stop at all the quaint little antique/collectors stores & Op shops. I was thrilled though when the MIL stopped at a little collectables store at Ulmarra. I almost went into fits of hyperventilation upon entering "Contrarys on Clarence".
This little shop was filled to the brim with all manner of kitsch, collectable, funky stuff.
I seriously could have spent a small fortune in this store.
I did buy some plastic squeaky toys which are cute yet a bit creepy looking, a cute little squirrel ornament, a deco ashtray & a 1950s black handbag. With me squealing with joy we set off again.
We spent the time in Coffs going from door to door of TBF's rellies drinking gallons of tea & catching up.
Sunday we hit the road again with TBF's dad behind the wheel of his fancy new work truck. This time we stopped at a retro shop at Woodburn. (I didn't catch it's name)
Loads of hippy 1960s & 1970s clothes but a big collection of mid-century chalkware, glassware & kitchenwares. Again, I could have spent a fortune. I asked the lady if she had any chenille bedspreads (my holy grail). She showed me a pale green one for $120 but it was a bit plain for me.
"Oh I get heaps of them in all the time", the hippy shop owner brags, " I cut them up & make clothes out of them... look". Sure enough she had cut up these fabulous chenille bedspreads & made them into these funky hippy tree-huggin vesty jacket things.
I'm afraid I wasn't very sutle in my response as I recoiled & gasped in horror. I ran from the store blubbering "How could she?! How could she?!"
As we sped through the towns I glanced longingly at the passing shops wondering what treasures lay inside.
I dreamt of finding lucite handbags for $10, a suitcase full of atomic barkcloth curtains for $15 & Barsony lamps buy one get two free. Arrr dreams......

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