Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rugby Union night at Andy & Mayumi

At about 6.00 Andy came to pick us up to go to his house to watch the Aussies VS the All Blacks in Rugby Union. We firstly stopped at the grocery store (like Coles) to pick up supplies. I could spend hours in these stores just looking at all the unreal foods & packaging. I found Mango flavoured & Orange flavoured Kit Kats.

We then went to Andy & Mayumi's house and watched his big screen TV while eating a huge amount of yummy food like - chicken skewers, Japanese cheese (drool), edamame and drinking red wine (Australian) & Chu Hi Lemon drink.

It was a fun game to watch even though Mick and I are particualary into Union. It was very surreal to be sitting in Japan watching Australia vs NZ with a Kiwi, 2 x Canadians and some Japanese. Later on Andy (who business is exporting honey products) bought out some royal jelly to try. It was kinda nice.. a bit tart. Finally at about 11.00 we caught a lift back to our apartment.

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