Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kumagaya - Day Two

We rolled out of bed around 11.00 and headed to the station and caught a cab to Saty shopping centre. Being inside the aircon is lovely. Again the pull of the toy department was too hard to resist. We also wandered upstairs to the cinemas. On the wall they had a big flatscreen TV with the movie""Bolt" playing in 3D. We grabbed the 3D glasses (which look very similar to Buddy Holly glasses) and stood there for a good 10 minutes watching. It was bloody cool!

I was very naughty and stole a pair of glasses.

For a change we thought we would try Japanese Italian food & sat down at Olivia's Italian restaurant. There was some very interesting Engrish on the menu. We settled on a tomato, cheese & basil pizza which was super delicious.

Afterwards we wandered across to another shopping centre Yagihashi which is more upmarket & ritzy. We were also horrified to discover that Crocs not only have shoes over here but mobile phone covers & handbags! Eeek.

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