Sunday, April 22, 2018

A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view - Sophia Loren

This will come as no surprise to you but there are a few things I really love in life:

Eating great food
Drinking bucket loads of good coffee
Talking shit with friends
Getting all gussied up

When I haven't done these things in a while I don't wait for the universe to bring me an opportunity I create my own destiny and go all Oprah 'n' shit and whack together a Facebook event to give me an excuse to do all these things.

My latest I named La Dolce Vita and the theme was LITTLE BLACK DRESS.

After a long discussion over coffee and cake my gorgeous Italian descended diva friends Mz Anna, Mz Carmel and Mz Marianna suggested having the next get together at ANFE Italian Club.  


What can I say?  It was favoloso.

30 of my closest horn- bag vintage loving fashionista dames all sashayed into the restaurant in Newstead looking like something out of a 1950s mafia movie.  
Some of the older male patrons who were playing the Italian card game Scopa on the other side of the room mentioned it looked like a funeral wake of incredibly stylish widows.

The food was DIVINE and I'm happy to say that even though we all LOOKED wonderful we all REEKED of garlic........ and it was AMAZING.

I had the mushroom arancini for entree (I could have eaten about 10 of them they were so good). 
For my main I had the Spaghetti AOP. I still have no idea what AOP means but the meal was SO  good. Filled with garlic and chilli.   I gave up trying to look refined and resorted to just shoveling the pasta in my mouth like ravenous albino hyena flicking olive oil and chilli flakes everywhere.
For dessert I had the pannacotta and fruits. It was delicious and I wanted to lick the glass clean but I'm not a savage so I just stuck my finger into the glass to get every last drop..... like a lady.

I discovered San Pellegrino chinotto which is like a sweet cola drink but it is bitter like it has lemon rind in it. I loved it.  I also had the most delicious affogato with strong espresso coffee with hazelnut gelato. SO GOOD.

Everyone is just so busy with LIFE that time gets away from you so it's just wonderful to get together and have a good old chin-wag and vent. This venue was PERFECT for that as there wasn't a lot of noise so you could hear each other speak.

I am so blessed to have these wonderful supportive and down right sexy broads in my life. 
In my little self indulgent speech I gave I said that even though it might be months between get togethers, it does seem like it was just last week and that even though we may not get to see each other physically, we are always there for each other due to the miracles of modern technology.

Thank you to Maria and all the beautiful staff of the ANFE for the great service and delicious food.


10 Wyandra Street, Newstead
Ph:  3252 2387


  1. You guys do your themed lunches so well - so many chic broads!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT... I have so many freaking GORGEOUS friends and they are all filthy woman too LOL. I love organising get togethers. :)

  2. This is excellent! I like the black dress rule, too! Great blog!