Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fancy Dress Disco supporting beyondblue 2015

Every year I say to my poor husband....
 "This year I am going to take it easy. I'm going to be nice & quiet and do bugger all. Lots of peaceful walks on the beach, tranquil sewing, watch some DVDs and meditate. No running around like a mad chook. No putting myself under pressure. No stress. "
Then the mushy grey stuff between my ears gets to thinking.
Gets to planning
Gets to scheming.
I don't know what it is but it's like a compulsion.
Itchy fingers.
I can't help myself. I just LOVE setting up fun events for people.
What a weirdo.
And so it happens...
"Darl. I've decided to put on ANOTHER event! This time a fundraiser for beyondblue!!
I am proud to say that we got (almost exactly) 100 people through the door.  
Every single one of those 100 people looked absolutely fantastic!!! The effort that everybody put into their outfits was truly exceptional and hilarious.
Because I decided against having a theme, people were free to get creative and so .... 
we had Pirates galore, Princesses, Vikings, not one but THREE Coop Devils, Doc & Marty McFly, hippies, Mary Poppins & Bert, Vikings, Cave Men/Women , Rocky, Michael Jackson, A big Banana,  Brittany Spears and Scooby Doo with Shaggy just to name a few!!!
And a bunch of FURRIES who totally stole the show with their incredible outfits.
(How the hell they can dance all night in those heavy furry outfits is beyond me)
I went as a kewpie doll.  When I put it together it was a great idea but I must admit on the night I was NOT comfortable at all and regretted my choice.  I am not used to wearing something so revealing & I was paranoid my bazoongas were going to come flying out!
DJ Nephthys & MC Kiranov had the dance floor packed all night with everything from disco to eighties to nightclub nineties to bitchin air guitar rock to ska to weird one hit wonders. 
It was awesome!  I think one of the highlights for me was seeing everybody just going OFF all together and in the middle this big banana dancing around next to Scooby Doo!
It was almost impossible to pick a best costume & best group costume & the staff at the bowls club had a really hard time deciding.  Right up to the very end they were debating out the back on who should win !
The trophy for best costume went to Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror. Not only did Matt look fabulous in his sexy skimpy attire (with high-heels made from thongs & gaffer tape) but he also put on an award winning lip-sync performance of "Sweet Transvestite" for the adoring crowd.
The trophy for best group costume went to the Smurf-a-licious Tricia & Dan who have always been two of my biggest supporters. Smurfastic !!!! I love you guys.
The fantastic tiki kitsch trophies were designed & created by the super gorgeous Danielle from Black Lagoon Designs.
After the presentation of the trophies it was time for the drawing of the raffles.
We had 4 MASSIVE packs filled with all sorts of fantastic goods & vouchers donated by a stack of wonderful businesses & people.
The other highlight of the night was INSTATHAT
Holy moly SO COOOOOL.
Basically, you took a photo on your smart phone thingy & uploaded it to Instagram with the hash tag #FDCDBB it would print out on this funky printer watchamacallit and you got to keep a copy of the photo .... FOR FREE!
It was the BEST thing like totally ever.  I can't recommend it highly enough.
Thank you again to Nicky from Instathat for manning the photo station and keeping control of the crazy  masses!!


What's a Pirate's favourite letter?  Rrrrrrrrr ?
NO It's the C
The whole night raised a total of $2000 for beyondblue. 
I can proudly say that everybody had a brilliant fun night of crazy dancing, eating yummo food and cacking themselves laughing all while raising money AND awareness for a brilliant organisation.
For me, the purpose of the night is not so much around the money.  It is more about creating a night of fun & joy for people.  Life can get overwhelming and stressful so sometimes it is great to be able to dress up in a crazy outfit and literally dance like no one's watching to great music & forget your troubles and issues even if it is just for just a few hours.
If I made just one person laugh & smile then I am stoked.
As everybody was leaving they were grabbing me & hugging me and squealing in excitement
"NEXT YEAR I will bring all my friends!!! I'm already thinking of my next costume!!!"
I guess that means that there will be a 2016 Fancy Dress Disco.
To see ALLLLL the photos from the night go to:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a8imigkafvqnkq8/AADUPka-8zw84NeiFoUG7F6Ra?dl=0
To see ALLLLLLL the raffle sponsors & stacks more photos & more information about the night go to:
For more information about beyondblue go to: 
My hubby Mick - Greenslopes Bowls Club - Sara & Dave - Instathat - all the raffle pack donators - my friends who helped sell the raffle tickets - everybody who came along - everybody who shared the event - Black Lagoon Designs - beyondblue - my Mum - my in-laws - I hope I haven't missed anyone.

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