Monday, March 2, 2015



Each time I sew a new project I try to up the ante and try my hand at something a tad more complicated.   I fell in love with this repro vintage pattern as soon as I saw it. 
With vintage fashion I have a real love affair with very simple styles that have quirky little detailing.
This blouse has unusual pleating at the collar & a nice curved hem.

I decided to make it out of very cheap poly-cotton in a nice light steel blue grey colour for my first go.
That way if I stuff it up it only cost about $10 in fabric.

It was a bit of a tricky one this little sucker.  Man oh man I threw it across the room a few times I can tell you.  It's not the pattern that is tricky... it's just my interpretation of what the instructions are telling me.   It took me about 5 quick-unpicks to do the collar when I finally had an ARRRHARRR moment and I realised what I'd been doing wrong.

I buggered up the top of the back where you are supposed to put some loops so I bought a frog closure to cover up the dodgy stitiching.

I mucked up the bottom curved hem bit but you can't tell from the outside so I couldn't be arsed fixing it.

It was hard to get the pleats to sit all nice & neat so there is a little bit of poofiness but luckily the 'girls' push it out a bit.

 I finished it with a lovely marcasite looking button on the collar.
All- in all I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out.
I will definitely sew this one again now that I understand the instructions better.
Another piece to add to my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015!
For information on the VSPP2015 go to A Stitching Odyssey:


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  1. It turned out really well Mz Vicki, great job! I've got this one on my list of things to sew this year. :)