Monday, March 23, 2015

Lucha Libres, Luscious Ladies and Butterick B5880

When I saw this pattern I immediately thought "I'VE GOT JUST THE FABRIC !!!"
About 50 years ago (give or take )Spotlight released a bunch of really lovely retro Hawaiian print cottons and I bought up a stack.  In ye olde days I used to buy fabrics but then get a dressmaker to whip me up something fabulous. Pfft!
In my stash I had some luverly buttermilk yellow Hawaiian print fabric that I thought would be perfect for this sarong style frock!
Now, I would LOVE to tell you that it was a piece of piss to make and I just whipped it up in a couple of hours but..... I would be lying through my lilly whites.
I had to quick unpick it a number of times.  I lost count of the amount of times I THOUGHT I'd done what the pattern said but it would be upside down or back to front so I would unpick it and then suddenly like a light from the heavens I would suddenly GET IT.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT'S what it means!
Those front pleats almost gave me a nervous breakdown!
HOWEVER, now that I have made it, I would definitely make it again because once you understand what the pattern instructions actually MEAN it is actually pretty simple to make.
I would love to make this next in a nice classic navy satin back crepe.
How amazing is my hair flower from Kat's Cadillac Vintage!!!
The lovely sewing legend Mz Andrea invited a few of us from THOSE DARN SEW N SEWS
(my illustrious Facebook sewing group) around to her home for a light lunch & some delicious (and may I say professionally garnished ) mocktails to chat about all things sewing and fabric. 
The weather was super steamy but this was all but forgotten after sipping on some super refreshing mocktail bevvies. THEN a delicious lunch of slow cooked pulled pork on home-made (by Andrea's mother) bread rolls with coleslaw.
It was just wonderful to just sit around with Andrea, Kim & Andrea's Mum sipping on cool drinks by the pool near her gloriously kitsch outdoor TIKI bar!  If I squinted I could just imagine we were in the Maldives. Thanks Andrea you are wonderful.

ERMEGHERD The perfect frock to wear to see instrumental surf band Los Straightjackets !!!!
I freaking LOVE LS and remember vividly dancing like a crazy woman to them last time they toured.
So I was mega excited to be seeing them again & I must admit I was a bit chuffed with myself that I was going to be wearing something that I had made myself with my chubby little fingers!
The whole night was just fantastic.
The Hi- Boys are freaking lunatics and I reckon are just one of the best rockabilly bands out there purely for their sheer energy & raw crazy performances. Shit even after breaking ALL (I think) of his guitar strings from going positively psycho on stage Scottie the lead singer & guitarist just kept on going.  Now THIS is what rockabilly is !!!
Then it was the legend himself Big Sandy with his Aussie back up band "The Oz-Rite Boys".
As usual, Mr Sandy was his charismatic self with a voice that is smoother than a melted block of Cadbury.  The great thing about The Zoo is THERE IS ROOM TO DANCE!
Alas, I did not dance as I was too busy chatting to everyone but it was great to see a few people up taking advantage of the space.
Then it was time. 
I quickly dashed to the stage to get right up the very front with the other girlie fans.
What can I say?  From start to finish I bounced up & down, did the twist, did the Charleston when they did a rockin' version of Sing Sing Sing, jumped, shimmied and shook and SCREAMED!
The crowd went nuts and the addition of a mystery lead singer who looked suspiciously like Big Sandy just added to the excitement.
I do not know how those blokes can play in that heat in suits WITH Mexican Lucha Libre masks on!! CRAZY.
And when I say play.........Los Straightjackets don't just get up on stage & play.
No no no.
They put on a performance!
I love their little choreographed dancey moves and how they interact with their audience. 
Crowd favourites were La Bamba & Tequila. Personally, I loved Sing Sing Sing and the theme from The Marlboro Man. 
I reckon by the end of their set I had lost 5 kilos in sweat and had nearly lost my voice.
The darling Kel got a bonus when Big Sandy ripped off his sweat soaked mask at threw it to her.
Yes she was so excited she immediately put it on.
Tracey. This lady is the main reason I took up sewing.
She is a sewing genius & makes the most incredible frocks!

My Big Fella
Thank you SO much to Lori Lee of Robot Productions ( )
for another crackin' night. You're the best!




  1. I love that Hawaiian print! I was just at my local fabric shop and found they had brought in Hawaiian prints for spring. I was drooling over everything there lol.

    Great dress, you look fab in it. ;)

  2. It turned out lovely Mz Vicki!! Wonderful job!

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