Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I sit on the hotel room bed wiping the layers of blue eyeshadow from my bloodshot eyes trying to ignore the intense throbbing in my feet.   Even after 3 washes I still have streaks of fluro pink orange spray in my hair.  Every muscle in my body is aching as I devour Cadbury Snack chocolate.
Moans of pain come from the bed next to me where my wonderful friend Mz Lyndi (who has flown up from Melbourne) is lying, rubbing her feet while scoffing down salt and vinegar chips washed down with a can of Coke.
Mick, my hubby, is sprawled out next to me cackling to himself as he scans Facebook.


For a number of years I have followed (stalked) via Facebook Joy Taylor of the fabulous Hot Couturclothing label.  Each year she goes to an incredible Halloween fancy dress party and each year I cannot wait to see the photos.  I commented to Joy at the beginning 2014 that I wished somebody would host an amazing fancy dress party like the one she goes to, here in ole Brissy.
Like the girl in the Old Epaso ad Joy replied "Why don't you host it?"
"Yeah" I thought "Buggerit! Why DON'T I host it?!!"

So...... It is 2am and the first Hifallutin Fancy Dress Disco just ended at midnight.

As I think back to the night it is hard to narrow down ONE highlight of the 6 hour epic dance.

It may have been the fact that EVERY SINGLE PERSON looked amazing and had really gone all out with their costumes. So much creativity and originality... LOVED IT!!!!

It may have been the 7 foot tall drag queen "Bimbo" who arrived sans friends dressed as a Barbie crossed with Little Boo Peep complete with spectacular long pink nails and white lace up boots that he looked surprisingly comfortable in. (unfortunately he didn't stick around)

It may have been my ultimate Vicki playlist that did not let up and was almost TOO good. 
A song would finish after everyone had finished throwing themselves around the dance floor with 1000% energy gasping for breath & a drink .... when the next song would come on & everyone who scream "OH MY GOD I HAVE TO DANCE TO THIS ONE TOO!!"

It may have been the fantastic DJing/MCing skills of Dave & Sara (DJ Nephthyss) who transformed my tinny shitty sounding playlist into a crisp "drop dat bass' bitching bullshit clear thumpin' sound!

It may have been the look of sheer delight on Tom Cruise from Top Gun's face when after about 2 hours of pleading for it DJ Dave played Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and somebody wrote on a sign for him "You've Been Rick-Rolled". It was also fantastic to see a stack of the 'general public' come to party. They had been going to other fancy dress gigs that didn't work out and so they googled Fancy Dress and decided to come to mine!! They had an absolute ball!!!

It may have been my childhood best friend Jodie turning up and surprisingy me after not having seen eachother for about 25 YEARS!  We haven't aged a bit !!!!

It may have been Nacho Libre jumping on stage to do very energetic James Brown Impression to "Get Up Offa That Thing" complete with throwing off his cape & feigning exhaustion.

It may have been my very own X-Factor worthy lip syncing performance of Young MC's "Bust A Move" followed by Run DMC's "Tricky" with the whole crowd screaming & pointing at me

It may have been the bizarre sight of Brenton in his amazing costume of a plastic toy army man being awarded the Best Costume Trophy by the bar manager Randall who was an exact doppleganger of The Dude from "The Big Lebowski".


It may have been the awesome sight of all these crazy costumed people jumping, spinning, running around like lunatics to House of Pain "Jump Around".

It may very well be the down right brilliant lip sync of Bohemian Rhapsody by a rather dramatic Freddie Mercury and with backing vocals by Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World,  Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek, an Ebola patient and the Toy Soldier.


stopping on the dance floor mid spin and taking a moment just to take it all in and seeing 60 people dancing with complete abandon without any fucks given as it what they looked like. 
60 people smiling and laughing and for just a little while forgetting all about all the shit going on in their lives and just letting it go.

I'm so happy that everybody had a ball and I am stoked to be able to say that I will definitely be putting it on again next year. (NOT on the same weekend as Asphalt Demons car show next time).
The Greenslopes Bowls Club was the PERFECT venue and I have to give a huge thanks to Ebony the function manager, Randall (The Dude) the bar manager & Michael the chef for everything they did to make the night run so smoothly.

You have 11 months to get your costumes ready!!!!
To see ALL the photos from the night go to:


  1. That looks freaking amazing, congrats on pulling off your dance! I would never have it in me to organize one myself, but often wish someone would throw a masquerade ball here.

    1. It was so great. I'm very lucky that I've got a bunch of supportive friends (who are mental)

  2. ZOMG!!! I might have to fly up for this next year.