Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn't mine. - - Rita Rudner

In my desperate attempt to be all modern 'n' shit I have gone and bought myself a Fit Bit Zip.
"What the bloody hell is a Fit Bit Zip?" I hear you scream.
Basically, a fancy schamancy pedometer.

The main difference is that with this thingy you don't put any information into the actual pedometer.
You enter all your information into their website after creating an online profile (sort of like on the Weight Watchers community site). Then you download the app onto your phone.
Then almost like some sort of demonic witchcraft magic the little zippy thing wireless 'talks' to your computer & phone & automatically tells it how many steps you've done and how many calories you've burnt.

My favourite thing is that I sends you little badges & awards when you reach certain goals AND it has fabulously colourful graph things to show you how you are going.
Am I a sucker for shit like this? You bet your sweet fancy all bright I am!
You can also enter into the website your food intake and it will calculate your calories. It's sort of like My Fitness Pal.  The downside to this part of the page is that it is American and doesn't recognise pretty much ANY of the foods I tried to enter. I think that is pretty shit. I doesn't really worry me though because I will just continue to use the WW food tracker.
The other thing about the FBZ that is niggling me is the Calories Burnt calculator.
eg:  so far today (1pm) I have walked 5904 steps . I double checked the accuracy of this & it is pretty spot on. According to the FBZ I have burned 1280 calories! I find that number a bit hard to believe.
I mean I've done spin classes where I thought I was literally going to DIE and only burned 420 calories. Hmmmmm I will have to investigate this matter further.

But, the main reason I got it is to track how many steps I take in a day.
I can honestly say that having this teeny-tiny thing (and it IS TINY) on my hip really really is motivating me to move more!
Last night I was on the phone to my brother for an hour and the whole time I walked up & down our hallway! Harvey the Evil Pookah cat was looking at me as if to say "Yep she has finally gone completely crackers!"
I wore it right up until I got into bed. I walked 7766 steps. Awesome. And YES I woke up today with a goal to beat that.
I got my FBZ from Harvey Norman for $64.
This is the website if you want to suss it out:

Tonight is weigh-in night. Now. According to my side-show freak body tonight is MEGA LOSS night. I am quietly confident. I have had a good week. I have tracked EVERYTHING.
I went over my 49 extra points by 1 and used all my 17 activity points.

The only BAD thing of note was the sad knowledge that
14 bits of sushi (and not even the deep fried shit) = 47 PP !!!!
YIKES that was a big chunk just for lunch on Saturday. 
Mind you I would rather blow 47PP on sushi then on something like KFC or Maccas.
At least it was a healthy 47PP.

I'm feeling good. Positive. A bit less stressed.
I'm itching to just get this whole IVF caper underway.
Deep Calming Breaths Vicki.  Deep Calming Breaths.


I hope you are all having a great week.


  1. I think you can feed your fitbit info into My Fitness Pal if you are into that sort of thing?

  2. You can link myfitnesspal to fitbit so you don't have to use the crappy american food diary! Also, the calories estimate is not just for that period of exercise but for your whole day. So depending on what your BMR is, you might use 1700 calories a day just by breathing and staying alive, and anything on top of that is your activity. I try to aim for 2200 a day with my fitbit! Best of luck :)

  3. Fingers crossed for tonight!

  4. Thanks guys I will give it a go with MFP! xoxoxo

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