Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Nanny!

On Saturday TBF & I headed up the Toowoomba range to my Nanny's 80th birthday party lunch.
My Nanny is great. You would NEVER think she is 80! She's had a number of health issues over the last few years but she's still as sharp as a tack.  I think I take after her alot.. in that I'm very lucky as I have inherited her great skin and her sense of style.
Nanny on the left in the 1940s

For the 40 years I have known Nanny I have never known her to be without matching shoes, handbag, necklace & earrings. She would never DREAM of leaving the house without being 'dressed'. She's always worn minimal makeup but would never step outside without lippie & blush on.
Nanny has been known to hit a Lifeline store with $5 and come out with a complete outfit that looked like it come straight out of the latest issue of Marie Claire.
I'd never known Nanny to say a bad word about anyone and she certainly would never swear. That is until the day she shocked the family by announcing "I don't like that Karl Stephanovic. He's a dickhead!".
Nanny & Grandad off to a dance in the 1950s

It was such a lovely day & we got to catch up with all the family which was awesome.
Happy Birthday Nanny!
As part of a gift to Nanny everybody was asked to submit a fond memory of Nanny which was then put into a gorgeous coffee table book for her.

I decided to write a poem.

When I was but a wee little girl
My favourite time of all
Was having lunch at Nanny & Grandad’s
We’d always have a ball.

 The family would gather on a Sunday
The children would stay outside
But sometimes if I was really good
Nanny would pull me aside

 “If you have a look in the fridge” she’d say
“You’ll find some Violet Crumble”
So none of the other grandkids saw, she’d smuggle me one
“Fank yo Nanny” I’d mumble.

 I’d sit in front of her beautiful dresser
Admiring all her things
Her lovely little porcelain figures
Her jewellery, brushes & rings

 Always well groomed my Nanny
Her secret Oil of Ulay.
Handbag, shoes, earrings & slacks
Co-ordinated all the way.

 Every year on my birthday
I never wanted a cake
A nice big slice off Nanny’s lemon meringue
Was all that it would take.
I love my Nanny very much
She’s the true essence of a lady
She’s still so beautiful and lovely now
You’d never know she’s Eighty.

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