Sunday, December 30, 2012

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne

The words 'Auld Lang Syne' literally translates from old Scottish dialect meaning 'Old Long Ago' and is about love and friendship in times past. The lyrics in the song Auld Lang Syne referring to 'We'll take a Cup of Kindness yet' relate to a drink shared by men and women to symbolise friendship.

Holy bloody hell I can't believe another year has already passed. It's been a BIG year here in the Martin house. Each year I like to pore myself a drink, flick open the calendar and reflect on all the shit that has gone down in the previous year.

BEST OF 2012

GAVE UP THE GROG: After years & years of binge drinking followed by mind numbingly horrific panic attacks followed by gut wrenching depression I made the decision to finally give up the booze.  The claret has been my best friend & worst enemy over the years. I've done ALOT of things I'm ashamed of after getting on the turps and one day I will make a list & apologise to everybody. I'm not going to say it has been easy. Since March 5 I have consumed a total of 2 bottles of red. Not bad for someone who would normally drink about 4 bottles or more a week. Yes I do feel a THOUSAND percent better in my brain. I'm a wee bit shitty because I thought that I would automatically shed a minimum of 10 kilos after eliminating that amount of calories from my life but alas no. The only time I REALLY miss the grog is on a Friday arvo after work when I would have normally stopped at Dan Murphys and guzzled back 1 - 2 bottles of Merlot to help take those sharp lines of reality away.

HI-FALLUTIN FUNDRAISER FOR BEYOND BLUE:  I hosted a big fundraiser dinner dance which was a massive success that raised about $7000 for beyondblue. I was totally overwelmed by the support I received and the feedback I got from the night was that everybody had a totally brilliant time. It was also great to be able to draw attention to the organisation of beyondblue and the subject of mental illness.

GARTERBELTS AND GASOLINE:  This year TBF built himself a brilliant soap box racer & entered it in the derby. It was our first time at G&G and it was great! We had a ball. It was so cool watching the different builds fly down the hill. It doesn't hurt that Mount Tamborine where it is held is so beautiful.

IVF:  During June and then again in August we did IVF. The first time the pregnancy lasted for 2 weeks and the second time for 7 weeks. Very stressfull emotional time. We were VERY disappointed when it didn't take the second time because the results were SO positive. We have made the decision NOT to do anymore IVF and have accepted the fact that we cannot have children. Somedays I am totally fine and then other days it makes me sad.

I TURNED THE BIG FOUR OH: How the bloody hell did THAT happen? I'm 40? Shit that snuck up on me.  I celebrated my birthday by chucking a Truck Stop Diner Party. I love any excuse to host a fancy dress. It was a fantastic night which made me even MORE thankful for the totally rad hilarious friends and family that I have. Mitchy's Mayhem County Boys played, we ate moutains of delicious ribs and listened to Charlie Pride. :)

NEW PEOPLE ON EARTH:  On 6th August my nephew was born Bronson Denis. 10 pound 4. The first child in our family. He is beautiful and it is so awesome to see my little brother as a Dad.         On 23rd of November Mick's sister gave birth to our new neice Faith Anita. A beautiful little girl with a big mane of black hair. Welcome to the world little ones. Be prepared to be spoilt rotten by Crazy Aunty Vicki!

GREAZEFEST: The annual Greazefest rockabilly weekender was (as usual) totally brilliant and made even better by the fact that The Planet Rockers from America played. We had a great time catching up with people & listening to fantastic bands.  It was bloody FREEZING on the Saturday night but that was ok as I got to wear my new furry coat.


SheriBomb blog launch party

Henry Rollins live at QPAC

Katrina's Surprise 40th birthday party

Ray's 50th birthday party at Wintersun Coffs Harbour

Chelsea & Badger's Alice in Wonderland Engagement Party

Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo Open Day

Keiran's Surprise 40th UK/British birthday party

Twin Waters mini holiday break

Marg the MILs 60th birthday party lunch at Coffs Harbour

Dwight Yoakam in concert

Fraser Island for Christmas


I may not have lost a stack of weight but I've learnt heaps about exercising properly and eating clean.  I've also met, both in person & online the most incredible bunch of people who floor me with their inspiration and motivation and generally grouseness.

It's been a BIG year. A bloody roller coaster of emotions to be honest. But I think with each passing year I get that little bit stronger, I learn more stuff and things  I meet new brilliant people and I discover more interesting things about myself. 

With each passing year do I become more mature and grown up??

NO WAY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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