Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no because something what I don't even know nothing about. So shut up

It's all been a bit quiet on the Vicki front as far as 12wbt goes. I did my weigh-in this morning & I have stayed the same. Frowny face. I've been pretty good with my exermorsizing but I think my portions might be getting bigger. Sigh.
On Monday I had my frozen embryo implanted. This little cryogenic dude was defrosted like a block of mince on the kitchen sink and the scientists reckon it is in really good knick. I did a double-take when they started talking about Embryonics. I thought they said Embionic and they had injected the little coffee cup stain with some sort of Spiderman type super human powers like The Bionic Man.
No such luck.
On a bad 12wbt point, the IVF clinic has (once again) said that I am to do NO physical activity that will raise my core body temperature. So I am just going to go for some noice casual walks along the waterfront in the arvos instead of my usual grunting & sweating on the treadmill & rower.
So now the 2 week wait is on..... (again)

In other Mz Vicki news, on the weekend TBF & I went to my neighbour's surprise 40th birthday party. The theme was British / UK as the birthday boy is from Manchester. Now let it be known that my neighbours DO NOT shy away from chucking a full on shin-dig and so we knew it was going to be a cracker of a night.
I fulfilled one of my fancy dress costume fantasties (I have many) and went as an Essex Chav.
(A working-class youth, especially one associated with aggression, poor education, and a perceived "common" taste in clothing and lifestyle ... think Vicky Pollard in Little Britain)
I was well proper fit .
TBF decided to go as Amy Winehouse. He donned an AW beehive wig and I did his makeup. Yep, the over 6 foot tall bearded fella looked the part alright. It was a great night and I did a good job staying off the grog and drinking my Diet Kirks Creaming Soda all night.
Weren't even naff or nuffin! Don't give me Evils!



  1. All the best with the ivf, vicki.
    So glad you posted a photo of you and amy winehouse too. thanks!

  2. You look so different. Good luck xo