Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby step to four o'clock. Baby step to four o'clock.

Yesterday that mooshy pile of grey gloop that is my brain abruptly pushed its chair away from its desk, slammed it's mooshy hand down & exclaimed "That's it! I've had a gutful. I'm outta here! Stuff this for a joke!" In its place came my old familiar nemisis Terrible Sadness. Tarrrdarrrrr.
You see, I'm a list person.
I love a list.
Ooooo the only thing better than a good list is crossing things off the list. Mmmmmmm.
I have my LIST book. It contains lists of sayings, things I want to buy, pressie ideas for people and random words that I hear & like.
My phone has lists of movies I want to see, restaurants I want to try & my ultimate dinner party guest list (Stephen Fry & Eddie Izzard top the list).
My fridge has a list of "Things to Do". Like clean out the bathroom cupboards, clean up the office & defrost the freezer.
My calendar is a list of things that I will be doing during the month & year.
Sometimes, it all just gets a bit too much for my delicate widdle brainy-wainy to cope with & it becomes really really overwelmed by all of this STUFF.

It starts pacing back & forth muttering rather rapidly to itself. "So much to do So much to do. No time. No time. No money. No time. I gotta do the shopping. Go to the gym. Clean the clothes. Vaccuum. Watch movies. Go to family barbies. Go see Dad. Pat the dogs. Write witty things on my blog. Shit Shit Shit." Cue brain cracking the darks & buggering off.
When this happens my head turns to silly putty and it feels kind of like somebody has slipped me a mickey. It's hard to talk, drive, move ... well do anything that requires any sort of thought process. (note: I am able to watch Big Brother)
So yesterday Dr Vicki prescribed a heavy dose of Indian tucker, a shower so hot it almost blistered my flesh off & going to bed as early as possible.
I wasn't going to blog about it as I hate a whinger.
When my brain goes on holidays I just want to stop doing... well EVERYTHING.
I just want to sleep. I want to cancel my blog. Cancel my facebook. Cancel everything.
Thankfully, the grey mooshy mess has come back today & tapped me on the shoulder "Sorry about yesterday love but you know how you get sometimes. I just had to pop off & have a bit of R&R. We're all good now though eh No hard feelings?"
I'm all good today. I just have to know that if I don't get the one hundred billion things done on my list the world is not going to implode.
Vicki didn't wash the sheets this week!!!

(in good news I lost 300g this week)


  1. Can you please invite em to that epic dinner party when you hold it?

  2. hahaha, that is the BEST movie ever - What About Bob. I know many Bobs and Dr Marvins!! lolol. Glad you are blogging again.