Friday, February 10, 2012


Well the whole crazy bidness OFFICALLY begins on Monday 13th....
So, I have tonight, Saturday & Sunday to binge, gorge, drink and generally stuff my face before the intensity begins.
At the mo it is 6.45 on Friday night & I am having my first glass of alcohol for 2 weeks.
I've been cutting back on the good ole grape since TBF (The Big Fella.. my husband) & I started seeing a fertility naturopath acupuncturist.
But tonight is my last night of the plonk for the next 3 months (min).
By Golly I DO like a drink (or two or three) but for the sake of the frocks I must abstain!
As for tonight, I am partaking in a very noice bottle of Temple Bruer Melot 2011 Organic Wine "Preservative Free" from South Australia.
The words ORGANIC & PRESERVATIVE FREE ease my guilty mind into thinking I am actually doing my body GOOD by sipping a bottle away tonight.
Will I miss the grog? You bet your sweet booty. Am I an alcoholic? NO. I prefer the term soberholic lush.
I'm not gunna lie. I love the way it takes those nasty sharp edges off the world of reality & replaces them with fuzzy lines of slurring apathy.
BUT... I SAY BUT.... the frocks, the Pendelton jackets and the novelty print blouses that only come in sizes 10 - 14 are more important than any night of drunken lolly-gagging.
I was going to post my DAY MINUS THREE ...IT BEGINS pictures of me in my Reg Grundy's but I couldn't put anyone through the horror of seeing my albino dugong body in my mega stylish earring-aide beige plus size 'for the more buxom' lady underwear. I swear you would run screaming from the room "My eyes oh God my eyes!!!!!!!"
SO, I am posting my more PC rated BEFORE shots on here.
Maybe at the end of this when I have a body like Jillian Michaels I will put up the side show freak pics but they will be next to my SLAMMIN' HAWT pics so you have a comparison of awesomeness.
Thank you for reading & sticking around for Day one.
Esscuzzzz meeee bu I haf wine to jrink now.

no I am not pushing my gut out. That is what it is like normally.

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  1. I am LOVING your blog already. Can just tell it's going to be a hoot to hitch a ride for these 12 weeks!
    Will be back to check up on ya every couple of days when I need a chuckle :)