Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi-Tea & Curry - Part One.

Before TBF (the big fella) went out to the boonies we had a date in the city. Of course, any date between us always revolves around food. Great for our taste buds not so great for our waist-lines.
Our first stop was this fabulous tea house called Room with Roses upstairs in the Brisbane Arcade.

I would LOVE to host a High Tea at this venue.
The room is just beautiful with fresh roses on every table & quiet music playing.
Mick & I both settled on having a nice pot of Earl Grey Tea & dessert.
The desserts are INSANE.
We both love lemon based desserts. I can't remember the names of them but mine was HUGE.
It was like a big pavlova with masses of cream & lemon meringue. About 5 million Weight watchers points.
I managed to eat about half but it was too much! Do not go near this place if you are on a diet.

It was just devine. I can totall see a whole bunch of us vintage ladies here... in our finest garb with furs & hats, little fingers pointed up sipping tea & discussing fashion & style.

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