Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swing-A-Billy Ray's Dance

After a day of shopping and a bit of a afternoon nanna nap I got motivated, put the hot rollers in the hair, whacked on a rayon 1940s frock (another Etsy find) & The Big Fella & I hit the M1 to Upper Coomera to Swing-A-Billy Ray's Dance. The night was brisk but there was still a bit of a dedicated tribe who come out from under the doonas to have a dance.  It was great to catch up will alot of people I haven't seen in ages. It was awesome to catch up with the second most attractive couple in the universe Ray & Chrissy.(Mick & I are number one of course).
A couple of Johnny & Cokes (purely to warm the cockles mind you) & I was ready to bust out some charleston kicks & swing-outs. It's funny how I can go months & months without dancing & it all comes back to me. I had some wonderful dances with the likes of Ken, Ray, my hubby & a great jive dance with a fella from the Sunshine Coast who I didn't catch his name. Just like riding a bike eh?
It was also fun watching Mrs Keepence almost busting out of her frock for most of the night. Such a hussy! Around midnight we hit the frog n toad for our hour journey home. It was so nice to have a dance with my super spunky hubby.
I wish there was Lindy Hop dances or classes closer to Redcliffe so I could dance until my feet fall off.
Honestly, even though I am FARRRRR from being a fantastic dancer, I feel SO happy when I am dancing!

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