Monday, June 6, 2011

Marie Claire Magazine Rockabilly Shoot

I finally got myself to the local newsagency & picked up the latest issue of Marie Claire. Normally I don't buy fashion magazines due to the fact that most fashion now-days is either:-
A. totally hideous & trashy looking
B. totally amazing but costs a zillion dollars
C. not made for the more curvy figured lady.
However, when I heard that Pia AndersonPat Capocci were featuring in a rockabilly inspired shoot I couldn't wait to fork out my cash. I held my breath because I flashed back to around a year ago when I paid around $15 for a Vogue magazine that promised it was a 'Fifties' inspired issue. Needless to say I could have spent my 15 bucks on a few bottles of the red stuff. Disappointed.
The newsagent handed over my Marie Claire & I quickly dashed to the car. I flicked past the hundred of ads for SKII only $1000 a tub and the ads for the latest fragrance by whoever is trendy this month & found page 126.  WOW WOW WOW. Just beautiful!
Miss Pia & the boys looked so beautiful & handsome! It blows my mind that the fellas these days would rather wear awful skinny jeans & shirts untucked rather than dress in stylish threads like these rocker gents.
The fashion (including what the actual model is wearing) is just exquisite. I am so jealous of Miss Pia's wardrobe. That lady ALWAYS looks fantastic. I wonder if she ever dags out at home in a pair of old trackie daks & flanny like I do. 
We can only hope that other fashion mags follow suit & enlist Miss Pia for shoots so the fashion community might learn what true style REALLY looks like.

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  1. Oh! I too happily passed over the cash to see the those glamourous Sydney peeps in their finery (I miss Sydney)! Good to see!