Sunday, May 22, 2011


Howdy yawl.
Well, show me a band-wagon & watch me jump on board.
Myspace, Facebook, Blogspot, Weight Watchers Community Blog, Tumblr & Twitter.
Yep I'm on 'em all. Some of you may have already experienced my wealth of mind-numbing posts on my blog stuffnthingss. Lucky you.
This blog has come about after spending yet another day at 'work' surfing the hundreds of blogs of gorgeous vintage lovin' babes. Sighing about their amazing wardrobes. Oohing about their cool shadow box trinkets. Seething with jealousy over their seemingly boundless confidence & effortless photographic capabilities. 
So I thought, "Hang on. I've got stuff. I've got things. I know how to do stuff. I buy things. Bugger it. If they can blog about their fabbo lives then I can blog about my wanna-be fabbo life. Surely some-one will be interested?"
 An exercise in glamour girl narcissism? Probably.
Anyhoo... Feel free to stop by for a squizz whenever you're bored. You never know, I may even have something interesting to report.
* NOTE:  If I reference you I will put a link to your site. If you want me to bugger off & not tell the world how grouse you are I will immediately delete the post & link & never invade your space again. Cross my heart *


  1. Well Mz Vicki I am honoured to pop your follower AND comment cherry ;)

    I love reading ramblings so I look forward to your posts :)

    Mine is a bit the same although I try to ramble about something in particular where I can xx

  2. Oh I feel so violated. xoxoxoxo