Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to Tokyo

Hiro had to work in the morning so we had breakfast & bummed around until he got back in at 11.00. We did a detour back to the doctor's surgery and the doctor did another quick analysis of my legs "Better? Grunt" Luckily this time there was a matron on who spoke almost perfect English. The rash on my legs we think was actually broken capilleries from the swelling in my legs. I was prescribed another 4 days of antibiotics & to try & rest up and not walk too much.
They wrote us up a proper receipt so we can claim the doctor's on our travel insurance.
It put a bit of a dent into our holiday fund (about $230!)

We then drove around trying to find a place to eat some lunch but time was getting away from us so we settled on Family Mart food (still good food though). Mick & I filled a bag with all sorts of goodies for our trip back to Tokyo.

Hiro, Myumi & Rin waved us goodbye from the platform and we headed on our 3 hour train ride back to Tokyo.
We passed the time on the shinkansen by making up songs about the passing scenery & about the conducter who seemed to count the number of seats on the carriage every 10 minutes.
We words were something like "I am walking down the aisle .. I'm countin all the seats.. 15 seats yeah 15 seats.. I'm countin all the seats"
We finally got to Tokyo station & had to catch one more train to Ueno. DURING PEAK HOUR!
We crammed ourselves onto the train. We only had about 4 stations to travel but at each station we would think that they couldn't squeeze anymore people on.. the did! Keep in mind we had all our luggage too. At our stop it was like a huge surge as nearly everybody got off. We felt like lemmings!
We walked straight to the cab rank and told the driver where we wanted to go. He drove around lost for a while & finally found our hotel... it was about 200 metres from the station.. we could have walked to it in about 2 minutes!
Our hotel is small (as usual) but has a Lawsons (like a 7-11) just across the street & is (as I said) right next to the train station and is walking distance to the zoo.
We settled in, freshend up & took a train to Akiharbara. We wandered around the littered lit up streets just people watching and had some Mos Burger for dinner.
All the stores were closing so we decided because we only had one more day left on our Japan Rail pass (unlimited travel for 7 days) we would just jump on the Yamonte line which just does a big huge loop of Tokyo and train surf for awhile.
We did jump off for some starbucks & more people watching at Shibuya which was fun.
By this time it was around 10pm and the trains were starting to fill up again & me feet were hurting so we hopped the train back to Ueno. Unfortunately we had to deal with a bit of a crush again & stand the whole way. But we did get to see a girl romantically picking her drunk boyfriend's nose! Icky.
We watched some crazy crazy Japanese TV for awhile & then crashed.
I realised just before I went to sleep that we didn't take any photos today!!!!

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