Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walks along the Arakawa River

It was lovely & relaxing walking on the water though.

Later that afternon after refreshing up we headed back up to Dog's Nose again, this time by ourselves and to eat.

We started with a plate of olives & pickles and a plate of assorted cheeses & crackers.

For mains Mick decided to have Kumi's famous mustard chicken & I went for the deep fried chicken with blue cheese. YUMMO!

For dessert Kumi & Bob gave us a complimentary plate of sliced Japanese white peaches chilled on ice. OMG so good. So sweet & refreshing. It was a quiet night in the downstairs bar (upstairs a DJ hip hop party was rockin) so Mick got to have a good catchup with Kumi & Bob.

When it was finally time to say good-bye we exchanged emails & Bob & Kumi gave us a gift of a small bottle of champagne, a traditional cloth & a beautiful fan. It was just such a lovely night.
I am glad that we had a chance to say good-bye & thank you to them both.

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