Saturday, August 29, 2009

Osaka - Day Two

We hit the insane Osaka subway system again & headed to Amerika-Mura. Amerikamura is a place that is filled with blaring shops selling cosplay outfits, designers thread, hip hop clothes, punk & rockabilly. It like a much louder Camden Markets. We spotted a number of girlies dressed up in their cosplay outfits. There were quite alot of shops selling very very cool rockabilly clothes (again mainly guys stuff) but also very expensive (a simple T-shirt was around $50AUS). In Amerikamura the object I think is to look as wacky as possible. The fashion of the young guys is hilarious. A mix of Eighties new wave & Twisted Sister. We found an amazing record shop called Timb Bomb which had just about all rockbilly/psychobilly/subculture vinyl & CD you could ever imagine...however, the staff were totally too cool for school and it was hard to muster even a small smile from the DJ. There was a Japanese psychobilly band playing around the corner that night for a cover charge of around $40 AuS. We would have liked to have gone but it was too expensive.
We stopped for lunch and had a delicious bowl of tomato/cheese ramen and a small bowl of apricot tofu. My feet were totally caning by now so we stopped at Sneaker Land & I found a new pair of shoes for only $25Aus Bargain!
We noticed a large crowd forming around this little square and a boxing ring thing had been set up. We asked a guy what was happening and he told us that it would be wrestling. We thought we would stick around.
Well the wrestling was like a really bad (but hilariously funny) comedy act. One guy was in a pair of speedos with goggles, one was normal, one was dressed as an old lady & the last was in purple wrestling gear. thankfully we videoed it. It was great!!
We then headed to Dotonbori. The object of Dotonbori is who can have the most lit up building & signs. Very very much like the Las Vegas strip. Dotonbori was packed with all sorts of crazy people and tourists. So much to look at! As it got darker we headed for the Nipponbashi Bridge which is a viewing point. It was so much fun to just stand on the bridge & people watch.
I ducked away to get some pics when a girl raced up to Mick & started singing into her megaphone some little ditty encouraging people to join in. She was totally mad..and as cute as a button!
The decided to go for a stroll along the when suddenly on the otherside, a Japanese BlueGrass band started playing (as part of a festival that is happening in Osaka). They were excellent.
Mick's shoes had started to blow out so we went on the search for Crocs... yes Crocs... the crocs over here are amazing and do not look like crocs at all. I thought it was time to try Takoyaki (like a pancake ball with squid in the middle). I thought they were yummy as.
We walked for AGES to no avail. We walked for ages & my feet were killing me so ducked into a sushi train place. Fantastic fresh delicious sushi for only 130 YEN a plate (about $1.90AUS) Needless to say we totally pigged out!
It was quite late so we headed back to the hotel. Osaka subway system needs to get some escalators. OMG so many stairs.
We stopped for a drink at a bar just up the road from our hotel that had earlier caught our eye.
It was filled with fantastic collectables from the 40s & 50s. Incredible. The lady who ran it was so lovely. One of the patrons opened up her big handbag & pulled out a dashund dog! It was a really cool bar.
We eventually got back to the hotel & had to put on some washing. When I went to get undressed I looked at the inside of my calves & noticed that I had a really angry looking red rash. It did not look good at all. My ankles & calves were super swollen. I had a cold shower and then looked up DBT on the net. Wow. I had most of the symptons of DBT & celutitis.
I got a bit upset so Mick rang Hiro in Mie and organised for me to see a doctor the next day.

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