Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mie - Hiro & Mayumi's house

We lugged our bags through the subway of Osaka for one last time (thank god!). We got our train to Mie. Hiro & Mayumi picked us up from the station with their cute as little boy called Rin, who is 5 years old.
We drove straight to the hospital. We waited for a while & then the old doctor came in. He didn't speak much english & so Hiro translated.
The doctor's way of testing the pain was to dig his fingers into my ankles & feet asking "Hurt? hurt"? My yelps of pain didn't need any translation.
I then had xrays (no lead blanket provided and no body asked if I was pregnant). Again the doctor reefed my feet into postion.

The xrays should nothing wrong with my feet bones. The doctor then wrote Thrombosis on a piece of paper & said that the rash may be an allergy. He prescribed me with antibiotics for the DBT, tablets for the allergy & cortizone cream for the rash.
He said that I need to keep my legs elevated and try not to walk too much.
He didn't seem too worried though as I do not have a fever & my glands aren't swollen.

We left & went back to Hiro's gorgeous house & sat & chatted for a while. We showered & then went out to dinner at a small oldish sushi house. The food was AMAZING! we tried just about every kind of fish topping. Including a very icky looking squid one.

We went back to the house & I hit the hay at about 8.00.
Mick and I are deciding wether to continue our trip or come home. Their is not much point hitting Tokyo if I can't walk around!

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